Cat 1 Rail medical

Rail Workers Safety Medical - Category 1

Cost: $650


About The Category 1 Rail Medical

Medical assessments are indispensable for individuals working within the Rail Corridor, and they are an obligatory part of the process to secure a Rail Industry Worker card (RIW). These assessments are administered by 'Authorised Health Professionals' and serve as fundamental evaluations of one's capability to function effectively within the rail environment. They encompass core elements such as the ability to be present in the rail corridor, hear and respond to instructions, relocate to a secure location when necessary, and sustain a vigilant awareness of the surroundings.


Some roles that require a Cat 1 medical can include;

  • Train Driver
  • Signaller
  • Rail Safety Manager
  • Rail Operations Manager
  • Train Control Officer

Cat 1 Medical Inclusions

A Category 1 Rail Medical will include the following:

  • K10 Questionnaire for Psychological Health
  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale
  • Alcohol AUDIT Questionnaire for alcohol use
  • Hearing Assessment up to 3000Hz
  • Vision Assessment
  • General Health Assessment & Questionnaire
  • The medical also includes a Drug & Alcohol screen (breath and urine analysis).



How To Book

Book your Cat 1 Rail Medical by contacting us:

Phone: 1300 772 728

Important Pathology Information

Complete your pathology tests (blood test and ECG) – as part of the Category 1 Rail Medical, you will need to complete your blood test and ECG at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

  • Take the pathology form with you to one of the approved Dorevitch Pathology clinics prior to your appointment
  • Results will take approximately 48 hours to return to us
  • The blood test requires you to be fasting for 9+ hours before the test
  • If you choose to use another pathology service, please allow an extra couple of days for the results to be available

Drug & Alcohol screen (breath and urine analysis).
Any initial non-negative urine drug test results are sent to a NATA accredited laboratory for mandatory confirmatory GCMS testing.
An additional fee of $95.00 will be charged on top of the Cat1 medical fee.

Important Information


  • Photo ID (i.e. driver's licence or passport)
  • Prescription glasses/spectacles (if applicable)
  • Hearing Aids (if applicable)
  • Any prescription medication (if you are currently taking any) including a letter from your GP outlining details of the prescribed medication, including the reason for prescription, medication doses, and treatment plans (i.e. how long is the candidate on the prescribed medication)


Australian Testing Services (ATS) medical team will upload the participant’s certificate to the RIW database.

  • To prevent delay, participants MUST have the correct RIW number or hold a RIW card/number.
  • Delay can occur if you don’t hold a valid RIW card/number

Other Things to Know

Category 1 health assessments expiry:

(At time of commencement)

  • Up to 50 years old: 5 yearly
  • If aged 45 and 46: 5 yearly
  • Ages 47, 48 and 49: the expiry would be set as their 52nd birthday
  • Age 50-60: every 2 years
  • From age 60: renewed annually

Note: the cardholder must have a health assessment conducted within 2 years after turning 50 years of age and within 1 year after turning 60 years of age.

Understanding Cat 1 Rail Medicals

What is a Cat 1 Rail Medical?

A Category 1 (Cat 1) Rail Medical is a comprehensive health assessment designed to evaluate an individual's fitness for specific roles within the rail industry. This medical examination is categorised as level 1, indicating a higher level of scrutiny and adherence to strict health standards. It is a critical component of ensuring the well-being of individuals engaged in safety-sensitive roles within the rail sector.

Why are Cat 1 Medicals Needed?

Cat 1 Rail Medicals are a crucial element of maintaining a safe and secure rail environment. The nature of certain roles within the rail industry demands a higher level of physical and mental fitness to ensure the safety of both the workers and the general public. The medical examination assesses various health aspects, including cardiovascular health, vision, hearing, and overall fitness, to ensure that individuals can perform their roles safely and effectively.

Who Needs a Cat 1 Rail Medical?

Individuals engaged in safety-critical roles within the rail industry are typically required to undergo Cat 1 Rail Medical assessments. This includes personnel involved in driving trains, controlling signaling systems, and overseeing safety protocols. Cat 1 Medicals are especially essential for those responsible for the direct operation of trains and other safety-sensitive tasks where any lapse in health could have significant consequences.

Roles that often require Cat 1 Rail Medicals may include train drivers, signallers, and certain operational and safety management positions. Employers prioritise these assessments to guarantee that individuals in safety-critical roles are in optimal health, minimising the risk of accidents and ensuring the overall safety and efficiency of rail operations.

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