Course Code: TLIW3015 | TLIW0004 | TLIB3102 | TLIW0006    |   Duration: 5 Days*

Rail Welding & National Adjust Rail Training

Rail Welding & National Adjust Rail Training

Cost: $2500


Course Overview

Rail Weld & National Adjust Rail Training is an accredited course where you’ll cultivate a diverse skill set suitable rail operations. This course is created to teach participants the proficiency required to excel in rail welding and adjustment.

Upon completion, you’ll seamlessly execute the aluminothermic welding process, ensuring strict compliance with workplace and Australian Standards requirements. Dive into the intricacies of oxy/LPG cutting and welding operations, mastering the configuration, testing, and application of cutting processes. Verify the conformance of aluminothermic welds and adeptly handle all documentation related to welding activities.

Immerse yourself in planning and organising for the aluminothermic welding method, preparing the rail meticulously for efficient execution. Whether it’s conducting heat application, testing equipment, or adhering to safety protocols, this course ensures you become a proficient professional in rail welding.


  • Rail maintenance professionals aspiring to specialise in welding and adjustment
  • Current industry workers looking to advance their skills in rail welding techniques
  • Individuals interested in aluminothermic welding and oxy/LPG cutting operations
  • Professionals responsible for track quality verification and related documentation
  • Those seeking comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience in rail maintenance.


Upon completion of the course, you will gain the following abilities:

1. Prepare the rail for aluminothermic welding.
2. Conduct the aluminothermic welding process in compliance with workplace and Australian Standards requirements.
3. Verify the conformance of aluminothermic welds.
4. Fulfill all necessary documentation related to welding activities.
5. Strategize and prepare for oxy/LPG cutting and welding operations.
6. Configure and test oxy/LPG cutting and welding equipment.
7. Apply heat and execute cutting processes using oxy/LPG equipment.
8. Safely shut down oxy/LPG equipment after operations.
9. Perform cleanup tasks following oxy/LPG cutting and welding.
10. Develop and organize plans for the aluminothermic welding method.


  • Laverton
  • Onsite

Units of Study

  • TLIW0006 – Heat and Cut Materials using Oxy-LPG Equipment for the Rail Industry
  • TLIW3015 – Weld Rail Using Aluminothermic Welding Process
  • TLIW0004 – Grind Rails
  • TLIB3102 – Adjust Rail

Nationally Recognised training

Course Outcomes

Participants who are deemed competent in knowledge and practical assessments will receive:

Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment (SoA) for the units of competency;

  • TLIW0006 Heat and Cut Materials using Oxy-LPG Equipment for the Rail Industry
  • TLIW3015 Weld Rail Using Aluminothermic Welding Process
  • TLIW0004 Grind Rails
  • TLIB3102 Adjust Rail

Important Information





Upon successful completion of the theory training, each participant will receive a logbook to continue practical training under the guidance of a supervisor. The logbook will facilitate the collection of evidence in the field, focusing on 10 welds and adjust rail experiences.

To ensure validity, each entry in the logbook must be signed off by a qualified supervisor who holds the relevant qualifications and is currently certified in welding and rail adjustment. This process ensures that participants receive comprehensive hands-on training and validation of their practical skills.
Once the logbook entries are signed off and deemed ready for assessment, ATS will coordinate a scheduled day to conduct the initial assessment. During this assessment, participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their acquired skills and knowledge, validating their readiness for certification or further training as necessary.
The initial assessment conducted by ATS must take place onsite, ensuring that participants can showcase their skills and knowledge in a real-world environment. This approach allows for a more accurate evaluation of their capabilities and ensures compliance with industry standards and requirements. An additional cost of $700.00 will be charged for scheduling the assessment sign-off per student.

Other Things to Know


5 Days = Theory and practical training & Logbook to be completed.


Participants are required to bring one of the following current valid photo identification documents (ID) on the day of training:

  • Australian or International Passport
  • Driver’s Licence


  • Welding Certificate of Completion is valid for two years.
  • National Adjust Rail Certificate of Completion is valid for two years.

Applicants are required to complete a Welding and/or National Adjust Rail recertification within 24 months of issuing the Certificate of Completion to maintain currency.

Recertifications can be seamlessly completed through ATS Rail & Construction Training. Please contact us to find out more.


If training is held at a client site the following access will be required:

  • Access to a training room
  • Access to track/yard siding and rail

Assessment Methods

To be deemed competent, participants are required to successfully complete a combination of the written and practical tasks which form an assessment instrument.

Delivery Methods

The delivery of this course is face-to-face in a combination of classroom and practical activities in a simulated rail environment.

Payment Options

Pay via EFTPOS/ direct payment.

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What Others Are Saying

This training course aims to provide everything to do with rail and Terry is a professional instructor and very friendly and the other staff team are great I recommended it to anyone who would want to get into rail and civil.

Nik Mcintyre

If you want some proper job-ready training this is the place to come! Our teacher Jim has been nothing but helpful and willing to teach. I'm glad I've taken my time out of my life to attend my class for my cert 2 rail infrastructure certificate. Thank you Gary and the ATS team. 

Harley Higgins

Thanks ATS for all the help with my journey towards a new career. And a big thank you to Terry the instructor. True gentle and a scholar. THANK YOU ATS!

Michael Bettiol

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